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目前我們只提供郵寄全馬來西亞🇲🇾 馬來西亞以外暫不開放

🚚 運費

  • 砂拉越 RM7  

          總數達RM200以上 — 免郵

  • 西馬/沙巴 RM15起 

          首1KG RM15 續0.5KG RM3 — 不包郵

產品價錢均已包括國際運費 (除非有寫明不包括國際運費)


**美里可自行取貨 取貨地點也會顯示在結賬頁/PM詢問

✈️ 到貨時效

  • 預購

         預計到貨時效4個星期左右 (不包括週末和假期)

         如果物流延誤 有可能會比預計的慢一些

有些產品會有特別的發貨日期 日期都會寫明的哦

**对時效抱有疑問的 請記得桃子是Sarawak Based 


📦 本地运输时效

  • 砂拉越

          普通時期: 隔天送達

          公共假期/氣候嚴峻時期: 2-3天左右

  • 西馬/沙巴

          普通時期: 2-3天可以送達

          公共假期/氣候嚴峻時期: 最慢5-6天左右

現貨下單付款後 一律1-2天內發貨 (不包括週末和假期)

** 若超過所寫的運輸時效 請立馬PM詢問

📮 一切售後問題 請前往 IG @peachmydayys.kr PM店主

Shipping Info

Currently, we only provide shipping to whole Malaysia 🇲🇾 only


  • Sarawak RM7  

          Above RM200 — Free shipping

  • WM/Sabah starting from RM15  

          First 1KG RM15 | Next 0.5KG RM3 — No free shipping

All the price listed included international shipping fees (unless stated)

The final shipping fees will be shown at the check out page

**Pick Up Service available for Miri area, address will be provided at the check out page

 Or you may PM to make sure for the exact location before you place order


  • Preorder

          Estimated to be around 4 weeks (excluded weekend and holidays)

          It may be longer if there is any unexpected shipment delay

For some items they may have specific date to ship out from brand itself, all will be stated clearly at the product descriptions 

**If you have any doubt for the estimated timeframe, just a reminder Peach My Days is Sarawak based

Officially notified international shipping timeframe from korea cargo company is two weeks


  • Sarawak

          Normal Circumstance: Received next day

          Public Holiday/Unexpected Delay: Around 2-4 days

  • WM/Sabah

          Normal Circumstance: Around 2-3 days

          Public Holiday/Unexpected Delay: Latest around 5-6 days

For ready stock, all will be posted out within 1-2 days after payment (except weekend/holiday)

** If exceeded the timeframe stated above, please PM for enquiry immediately

📮 Please drop an inbox to IG @peachmydayys.kr for any enquiry with immediate reply

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